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We have recently spent quite a bit of time studying and researching what kind of over the air antenna to buy so that we can cut the cord. There is so much bullshit and hype in those selling antennas. Run, don't walk, away from fraudster sellers. We prefer and even have a Televes Long Distance antenna. It is one of the good ones and is even at a decent price.

Sellers like to say they have a High Def, or HD, antenna. Well, there is no such thing as an HD antenna. Next, due to the curvature of the Earth, 75 miles is generally considered the maximum decent range. Sure, many, including our choice, will receive a signal from further away, but those companies selling "150" mile or "900" mile antennas should be a big red flag to you that they are lying.

This is a decent robot vacuum. It has the strongest suction of all the sub $200 models we researched (4500Pa) and the longest run time of 150 minutes. It also mops. Included is a remote which makes it possible to use it without having to compromise your network's security with an external app, but it does also work with their app, Alexa or Google.

We like this Kaloric Air Fryer Oven.   It's a good size which increases its versitility.

We really like this Vitamix 5200 Blender.

Pair the blender with this blender side scraper to really get in all the corners.

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